Pokemon Go for Lumia 730 Download and How to Install

Pokemon Go for Lumia 730

All of you must have heard of Pokemon Go that has just been released for smartphones.Though it has been decades when the first Pokemon TV series came out and since then fans were curious to get a game that was based on it.And now the wait is over with the release of Pokemon Go.People around the globe are playing it,some officially while other with some trick.If you own a Windows phone and are looking for the same here is how you can Download Pokemon Go for Lumia 730 Dual and get stared with this awesome game.

Pokemon Go is developed by Niantic Inc. and they have released it in quite a few parts of the world for now.These include United Stated,Australia and New Zealand but you can also play it in other regions by some easy manipulations.Well that goes for Android and iOS phones,but if you are on Windows then this is not going to be easy for you to play Pokemon Go on Lumia 730 Windows phone.But you have landed the right spot to get it done.

Pokemon Go for Lumia 730

Specs of Pokemon Go for Lumia 730 game :

Despite of the fact that all of us know what inside the game,I would still give you an overview of the best features of the game :

  • With Pokemon Go your aim is to captures the max number of Pokemon that you can.
  • To accomplish this one needs to step down in the real world environment and go catch them all.
  • Based on location,you will find Pokemon and they are best found in places like ponds,backyard and even monuments.
  • When you get near them,the map will show their location and you just have to point your camera and catch them in Pokeball.
  • Pokedex will keep a record of all Pokemon that you have captures with Pokemon Go on Lumia 730.
  • You can get them evolved and upgrade them with all the built in features.
  • There are hundreds to catch and many more being added to the list.Just stay aware,you might get one anytime.

Pokemon Go for Lumia 730

How you can Download Pokemon Go on Lumia 730 Windows Phone :

You must now be eager enough to get this game but the sad part is that the developers have not yet made Pokemon Go for Windows phones available in the market officially.The reason being far less number of Windows phone users as compared with Android so there is lesser profit in the market.There are rumors that Pokemon Go game for Lumia 730 might be out soon as progress is going on for the same but these are just talks for now.

Download Pokemon Go for Lumia 730 Dual Windows Phone

Here you will be redirected to Windows phone app Store where this game will show up once released in market.We recommend you not to download any infected file with the same name as many notorious chaps might give you viruses in them.Better wait for some time until Pokemon Go for Lumia 730 is released officially.This page will keep you updated regarding the same for sure.For any other queries on how to Install Pokemon Go on Lumia 730 Windows Phone you may leave a comment below and I will try my best to sort that out.Stay tuned for more.