Download Pokemon Go for Lumia 640 XL and 640 Dual

Pokemon Go for Lumia 640 XL

Everyone around is talking about the new Pokemon game Pokemon Go and you must have seen your friends getting addicted to it.After a long wait of time finally there is a Pokemon game that you can play on your smartphone and this one is quite interesting too.Android and iOS users have downloaded it successfully in many parts of the world but Windows phone are still waiting for it.Here I will be telling you how to Download Pokemon Go for Lumia 640 XL and Lumia 640 smartphone and get started with this game.

Developed by Niantic Inc. Pokemon Go is all about collecting Pokemon just like its TV series counterpart and you are playing role of Ash.Lumia 640 XL was released back in March last year and since then it has been a hot seller in its segment.Features apart the only shortcoming that bothers users is the operating system that lacks certain basic apps that Android has.The case is same here and many Pokemon lovers have been searching ways to get Pokemon Go on Lumia 640 and 640 XL phones and you have landed the right spot.

Overview of Pokemon Go for Lumia 640 XL phone :

  • Pokemon Go is a real life adventure based game that involves roaming around to places and catching Pokemon that you find.
  • Based on location you will be able to find Pokemon suited to certain surrounding like Oceans,trees,rivers and museums.
  • Be alert all the time as they are aware of your presence and might run away if you don’t pay attention.
  • Collect maximum of them and they will appear in your Pokedex.Evolve them to their upgraded versions.
  • The numbers keep on increasing with every update and it will be an adventure to find them all.
  • As you reach near them your camera will point towards Pokemon and throw a Pokeball to catch them.

Pokemon Go for Lumia 640 XL

Steps to Install Pokemon Go for Lumia 640 XL and 640 Dual :

Looking at the specs sheet you might be eager to play the game right now.But the disappointing news is that developers have not yet released Pokemon Go on Lumia 640XL Windows phone and you will have to wait for some time until you can play this game.This is due to the less number of Windows users that wcreates a less profitable deal for the game makers.There are certain rumors that Pokemon Go Lumia 640 game might be out soon as Niantic is developer one for Windows but at this point things are uncertain.

Download Pokemon Go for Lumia 640 XL Windows Phone.

The link will take you to official Windows phone Appp Store where you can get Pokemon Go as soon as the game is released worldwide.Stay tuned as I will inform you as soon as Pokemon Go for Lumia 640 XL Download is officially available.We recommend you to wait and avoid downloading virus infected files that come up with the same name and may harm your devices.If you have any doubts regarding how to Install Pokemon Go om Lumia 640 and 640 XL you may leave a comment down below and I will help you out.

Pokemon Go for Lumia 640 XL