Pokemon Go for Lumia 620 Download and Install

Pokemon Go for Lumia 620

Hello friends!There is a hype of Pokemon Go all over and no one has escaped from the game so far.After so much of wait there has came out a Pokemon game that is based on the cartoon series of Pokemon which used to be a favorite of youngsters.People who use Android and iOS have begun playing this game irrespective of the region they belong to.But if you use a Windows phone here I will tell How you can Download Pokemon Go for Lumia 620 and get catching the Pokemon around you.

Pokemon Go is made by a company named Niantic Inc. which has made it available for Android and iOS and that too in selected countries like United States,New Zealand and Australia.But geeks have made a way out to play this in other parts of the world too and it works fine almost everywhere.Since Android is open source so you can download things you want from outside also which is not the case else where.If you want to play Pokemon Go on Lumia 620 Windows phone you will have to do it differently as I will be telling now.

Pokemon Go for Lumia 620

Features of Pokemon Go Lumia 620 game :

  • With Pokemon Go all you need to do is to catch maximum number of Pokemon you can and add them to collection.
  • It is an adventures game based on reality where you have to physically find all the the Pokemon by going to their natural habitats like lakes and forest.
  • You will be given directions to catch a Pokemon and when you reach near it,a Pokeball will appear and your camera will guide you to catch that Pokemon.
  • You can add hundreds of Pokemon to your Pokedex while playing Pokemon go on Windows and many more are coming soon.
  • Is is based on location and you just need a GPS enabled phone and a decent internet connection.

Pokemon Go for Lumia 620


How to Install Pokemon Go for Lumia 620 :

After looking at the cool features you must now be eager to download this game on your phone.But you will be disappointed to know that Pokemon Go for Lumia 620 has not been released yet because of its OS.The main reason for this is the Windows operating system that supports less apps for now and developers do not find it that profitable to invest here.There are rumors that Pokemon Go Lumia 620 game might be out soon but nothing has been made official for now.

Download Pokemon Go for Lumia 620 Windows Phone.

Here you will be taken to Windows App store where the game can be downloaded as soon as it is released for Windows.Better wait for some time and Pokemon Go game for Nokia Lumia 620 shall be out soon.We advice you to avoid download just anything that some notorious sites may throw at you by the same name as they may be harmful files.If you need any other help on how to Install Pokemon Go for Lumia 620 then you may post it in the comments down below and I will surely help you out.