How to Play Pokemon Go on iPhone in India

Play Pokemon Go on iPhone India

Pokemon Go is already out as you might be aware of and millions of smartphone users have begun catching as much Pokemon as they can.Though the release is restricted to few regions of the world like United States but people who use Android are also playing it by various tricks despite of this.If you own an iPhone and live in India then the same might be the issue.Need not to look further as here I will help you how to Play Pokemon Go on iPhone 5,5s,6 and 6s in India where the game has not been official yet.

Pokemon Go is based on the famous TV series of Pokemon where Ash and his friends were in quest to find new Pokemon and catch them.You can also be one of them now as you play it.Android users have been able to play Pokemon Go because Android is an open source platform and just downloading a simple apk file will get the work done and fortunately Pokemon Go works well in India although the official version is not out.But the same is not true for iPhones.If you want to Install Play Pokemon Go on iPhone In India then you will have to get it done by a different way.

What all is new with Pokemon Go for iPhone :

  • The game is basically a chase of hundreds of Pokemon that are residing in the world around you.
  • It is one of its kind physical adventure game where one has to explore his surroundings to find new Pokemon to catch them.
  • Your location is used for searching Pokemon and most of them will be found in their native places like lakes,trees and museum.
  • As you reach near them a Pokeball will appear by which you can catch them and put them in Pokedex collection.
  • Level them up with the rewards and earning that you get as you progress in the game.

Most of the features of Pokemon Go iPhone 6/6s game India are almost same to its Android counterpart and there is almost no difference in the game play as well.So now when you are eager enough to play it lets get to the main point here.

Play Pokemon Go on iPhone India

Steps to Download Play Pokemon Go on iPhone in India :

As you cannot download separate application files on iPhones so the procedure here is a bit complicated.The mainstay here to to make your iPhone understand that you are a resident of some foreign place where the game has been released.Lets begin from the initial :

  • Open Settings menu on iPhone and select Apple ID.
  • Log out of the current Apple ID which was in use.
  • Now go back again to Settings >General and go to Language and Region.
  • Select any of three regions – US ,Australia or New Zealand (as the game is official in these three regions only for now)
  • Now create a new Apple ID by following basic steps and tick None for the billing detail.
  • Apple will ask you for an Address.You can use any residential address and that can be obtained easily.
  • Open App Store now and search for Pokemon go and install it.
  • This will let you Download Pokemon Go for iPhone 5s and 6 in India as well as other models.

Play Pokemon Go on iPhone India

The method will work for sure provided that all the steps have been followed correctly.Through this you will be able to Play Pokemon Go on iPhone and iPad India and a backup will automatically be made so that you don’t lose your progress in the game.If you still face an issue on steps to Install Pokemon Go on iPhone 5/5s/6/6s then do let me know in the comments and I will definitely help you out.