How to fix Pokemon Go app’s access to Google account

Pokemon Go is not officially available for many regions at the moment. Even then, this does not stop gamers from downloading the game through APKs.

The simple trick of the game is catching the Pokemon creatures and items around you, while walking with the app open on your phone. The game unfolds the Pokestops, Gym fights and more with each level that turns up. Gamers will also be gifted with items on reaching a new level. But in the light of the thrilling game, something that all of us forget to notice is the access of the app to our privacy.

Pokemon Go for Lumia 730

At the time of installation of the game, Pokemon Go asks for email ID authentication. This in turn, allows access to all our mail account information and data. So if you have provided your Gmail account to authenticate your usage for the app, here is how you can keep a track of the settings.

Compared to Android’s access to Pokemon Go, iOS gives complete access to Pokemon Go that’s linked to the mail account. However, if you wish to check for yourself and fix the issue, here’s how you can control the access to your mail account by Pokemon Go.

  1. Go to your Google account from your phone.
  2. Scroll down to the app sections, and then to the app permissions.
  3. Here you will find the list of apps that have been given access to your mail account and data there in it.
  4. You can remove access to the game by clicking on it.

The game comes with so much of conviction that gamers are hardly bothered about the app permissions. But on a serious note, the app permission needs to be given a genuine check. And your mail account’s information and data cannot be compromised. So double check your favorite Pokemon Go’s app permissions right away, and get it fixed!