Download Prisma for Nokia Lumia 730 Windows Phone

Prisma for Nokia Lumia 730

Prisma is the latest and most sophisticated photo editing app in the market these days.It has some beautiful filters that impart a unique touch to your photos that no other app does.Though there have been a few days since the release of Prisma the popularity can be made out by the fact that there have been millions of downloads and the entire social media is flooded with the pictures edited via Prisma.Here I will be telling how you can Download Prisma for Nokia Lumia 730 and put some cool filters right from your Windows phone.

Prisma is developed by Prisma labs and is an online photo editing tool that lets you beautify your pictures and share them on your social accounts.The pictures that you take are directly uploaded to Prisma cloud and then filters are added online which means that you need you need to have an internet connection throughout the process.Whole there are a bunch of apps that are available for Windows users but they still want to get their hands on this one as it is n hype.If you want to get Prisma photo editor on Lumia 730 then this post is worth reading.

Prisma for Nokia Lumia 730

Features of Prisma for Lumia 730 App :

Although each one of you must be familiar with this app still there are some features that need a mention in case you have missed them.

  1. You can either upload a photo from your storage or take a picture instantly that you want to edit.
  2. Various cartoon type effects can be applied which surprisingly look realistic.
  3. These are comparable to the pictures that one usually sees in comics and posters.
  4. Instant sharing on Facebook and Instagram makes it even easier to get social.
  5. You can adjust the strength of effect by simply sliding your finger across the screen.
  6. Tons of effects that match every mood and situation accordingly.
  7. Keep your internet always on to experience the app at its best.

How to Install Prisma for Nokia Lumia 730 :

Though there has been a lot of demand of this app but unfortunately the official Prisma for Lumia 730 has not been released yet and there seems to be no official announcement from the Windows team or the developer either.The reason for this is less profitable market and users of Windows that do not attract the app makers.There have been rumor of Prisma App Lumia 730 but you will have to wait for now to enjoy this editor on Windows.

Prisma for Nokia Lumia 730

Click here to Download Prisma for Nokia Lumia 730 Windows phone.

This link will direct you to the official Windows phone app Store where you will be able to Download this app once it has been made available for Windows phones.We advice you to avoid downloading just anything that comes up with this name as it might harm your phone.It is better to wait as Prisma Photo Editor for Nokia Lumia 730 Windows phone might be out soon.If you have any doubt regarding Prisma you may ask me in comments down below and I will be happy to help.