Download BBM for PC on Windows 7/8/XP Computer

BBM for PC Download  (Windows Computer)

BBM for PC

Even before the Time when WhatsApp cames into existence,there was one popular messenger that was considered as the gold standard for all others and that was the Blackberry Messenger.BBM is the most primitive and renowned messenger that was earlier inly available for the Blackberry smartphones.It was only two tears back that the company made it official for all leading smartphone platforms.And since then the charm of the app has been increasing as message freaks now want BBM on Computer also.And this is the topic for the day that how to Download BBM for PC to get the real joy of messaging from your Windows Computer itself.

BBM is developed by Blackberry Limited that also manufactures business class phones.BBM is famous because of certain features like the tight security these people offer to their consumers and there has been proof of the information leaks from Blackberry networks yet.The PIN system used in this app is the way by which two people connect on BBM.The good thing about this app is that you can now Install BBM for Windows PC and get the same features on your personal computer.It is a very convenient to use app and no unwanted people can reach you and you can wisely choose people whom you want to stay connected to.

BBM for PC can now be easily downloaded by the method I am going to tell you but there is no official site that provides this information or access to BBM.Before moving a step ahead let me take you to a short tour of this amazing software.

BBM for PC Features Explained :

  • BBM is always working on your smartphone in Background,you do not need to open it again and again to see if some new message has arrived.
  • BBM uses a dedicated PIN system that you can share with any person with whom you want to get connected on BBM and no one else can approach you.
  • BBM offers free voice calling features between the BBM cantacts which mean you can call your BBM friends with just a Button push.
  • BBM is the only app that allows you to share photos, files, documents, voice notes and more with your contacts that no other app offers.
  • You can also share your current location with this app to tell the next person where you are talking from.
  • You can cha with multiple people at the same time by adding them in a conversation.
  • You can update your status according to your mood and make animated gifs as your profile pictures and much more customizations.

BBM for PC

How to Download BBM for PC Tutorial :

  1. Get Bluestacks,the most trusted Android Emulator from to install BBM for PC.This app is free of cost and does not consume much of your hardware.
  2. Complete the Bluestacks software setup by filling the login details for Google Play on your computer and make sure that you have your internet connected in the whole procedure.
  3. Open Bluestacks after installation and search for BBM in the search Bar then press enter and this will display results to you.
  4. Select BBM from the list that will appear below and then click on Install.
  5. BBM will be downloaded on your computer soon and you may check the BBM icon when you open Bluestacks software.
  6. Fill in the login details and you will receive a PIN that you can use to connect to your friends.

Second Tutorial to Install BBM for Windows PC App :

  1. Get the Andyroid Emulator fro your computer from and go to the downloads page directly.This method is exclusively for Windows PC.
  2. Install Andyroid when the download is complete.The setup is simple and similar to other software and this is a one time procedure only.
  3. Open Andyroid emulator once done with setup and fill in your login details to launch the Google Play Store on your PC.
  4. Now you will see an interface similar to what you see on your mobile phone and now you just have to search the BBM app in the search bar and press the enter key thereafter.
  5. Select BBM from list and click on Install option on the page.
  6. BBM will soon be installed on you PC.Now fill the login details of your BBM account and start chatting with your friends all across the globe.

Above tutorial is very simple and you only basic knowledge of Computer to Download BBM for Windows 7/8/XP.Make sure to update your graphic drivers for Bluestacks to work as it might need your driver update.Else no common problems are seen with either of the two emulators and you can use them smoothly if you have a decent configuration computer or laptop.If you still have any problem to get BBM for laptop or desktop ,you may ask us anything in the comments section below.